How long is my promo code good for?

Most social media post promo codes are good for 6 months from the date sent. Giveaway promo codes are good for 3 months from the date won.

How many people do your meals feed?

Regular sized meals feed 6-8 adults. Smaller sized meals feed 3-4 adults.

Majority of Sliced Pepper’s regular sized meals contain 2lbs meat, some contain 3-4lbs meat.

1 pound of meat (16oz) feeds 4 adults at 4oz per portion. So from this, my regular sized meals feed about 6-8 adults and smaller sized meals feed 3-4 adults.

Where are your locations?

Sliced Pepper currently holds classes in Idaho Falls, Star Valley, Rexburg, Blackfoot, Pocatello, Twin Falls, Preston, Bozeman MT and St.Geroge, UT areas!

What if I have dietary restrictions or allergies?

Sliced Pepper can accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies. When purchasing your meals, write your restrictions in the dietary information box and I will get back to you. Or, send an email to me before hand and we can figure a way to get you some healthy meals!

How should I store the freezer meals in the freezer?

You’ll want to fold over the tops and shape them to the shape of your crockpot. Place wax paper, cardboard, parchment paper, cookie sheets, etc. between each meal and especially under your bags, so they don’t wrap around the grates and freeze into one big block.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

You have up to 10 days before your scheduled date to cancel. (2 weeks for Thayne location) If you have missed that window, you may send someone in your place to prepare your meals. Just send me a quick email to let me know!

No show to class paid for or food pick up- no refunds issued for no contact before refund/cancellation window has been closed.