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Many nights I find myself running around like a crazy lady trying to figure out what to have for dinner!

I am a busy mom with 2 toddlers and hard-working husband so I know how frustrating it is trying to figure out something to eat, let alone something my picky eaters will eat.

This is why I have created Sliced Pepper. All I ask of you is to bring a large cooler with wheels or a large cooler bag with handles. I provide utensils, knife (you may bring your own if you prefer), cutting board & apron and all the food needed that you use throughout the class. You will be prepping delicious crockpot/instant pot freezer meals in less than 2 hours to take home and stock your freezers! Talk about a life saver!!

Just take meal out (no thawing necessary) and put into crock pot, and you’re good to go! How easy is that?!

And on top of all of that goodness, they are wholesome and healthy.

No need to meal plan, grocery shop OR clean up. Sliced Pepper does it all! All you do is show up, prep meals with my guidance, then take them home to stock your freezer. …I mentioned no clean up, right? (woohoo!)


Quick. Healthy. Tasty.


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Prices for Sliced Pepper Meals:

10 Regular Size Meals (1 freezer bag of each meal that feeds 4-6 adults) $175

20 Regular Size Meals (2 freezer bags of each meal, each meal feeds 4-6 adults) $300

20 “Split” Small Size Meals (2 freezer bags of each meal, each meal feeds 2-3 adults) $185

40 “Split” Small Size Meals (4 freezer bags of each meal, each meal feeds 2-3 adults) $320

Request a private class

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A few words from our AWESOME customers:

“I just wanted to let you know that we are LOVING our meals time around. I had signed up through another company and the meals were so-so. We didn’t even finish half of them by the time I needed to throw them out. I was hesitant to sign up for freezer meals again, and was purely doing it out of the convenience because of having a new baby. We actually are enjoying them this time! Even my husband is saying good things and he’s particularly outspoken when it comes to food he doesn’t like.”

“I made the Thai Chicken over rice tonight and even though I LOVE many! It was my FAV!”

“Omgosh!!!! Amazing Lemon Basil Chicken!!!”

“We had the sweet and spicy beef tonight and it was suuuuuper yummy!!!! Awesome recipe!”

“You seriously are a life saver. Your meals have helped out so much in our house. I can’t thank you enough.”

“Sliced Pepper has been a lifesaver!!! I had major surgery in October and it has been slow recovering. This has saved us so much extra energy we are already short on! (shopping, preparing, planning, etc!) If you know of someone in a similar situation, I highly recommend this! SOO much more delicious that anything you will find in the freezer section or “prepared” meals in packages. When you find something good, share it! I love Good food and this is amazing!!!”

“My husband was skeptical about me going and preparing meals. I was going to use them once a week and on Sundays. I cooked the first one and the following night he said what are you cooking tonight. He has yet to not like one. Thank you so much for this class. I will be back.”

“Kendra! So I have to tell you that my family LOVES Sliced Pepper meals! I had one going (Chicken Marsala) in the Instant Pot yesterday and when we all go home from church my family was drooling over the fantastic smell! Then when they ate it for lunch, they loved every bite with no left overs!! My kind of meal and such a good price to feed my family!! Thank you Sliced Pepper! I’ll be back to stock up for sure!”